6 Apr

Touchless Kitchen Faucets are one of the most recent invention which provide you with faucets which are extremely easy to use and maintain.

Their no-hands technology allows you to get your work done without wasting time on stuff like pushing or pulling the handle. There are several models available in different shapes and designs and it can become a little difficult to choose one for your home.

So to help you out, we’ve covered some kitchen faucet reviews. These touchless faucets are by far the best rated and most bought on amazon.

Moen 7594ESRS

Popular Choice

This high-arc, motion sensing Kitchen Faucet is a perfect choice for most kitchen styles as its sleek design matches with most kitchen decorations making it a versatile choice.

It features Reflex System which makes it easy to maneuver the 68 inch long hose and its docking system automatically pulls back the hose when it is no longer required. With its Duralock Quick-Connect installation, it is easy and quick to install this faucet and secure all the water lines.

Since this faucet is hands-free, it is easier to control the flow of water and there are fewer chances of your faucet getting dirty. That’s not all, with its Power Clean technology you can use more water pressure to clean the dishes and sink area efficiently and can remove the most stubborn dirt with considerable ease.

Although it is a little expensive (Price: $331 – $374) due to the motionsense technology, it is a total value for worth product and has been a favorite of most customers so far.

Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST

Best Seller

This best-selling touchless kitchen faucet comes in four finishes i.e., Chrome, Arctic Stainless, Venetian Bronze and Stainless, which protects it from rust and corrosion and ensures a long-lasting life kitchen faucet for your home. This single-handle pull-down faucet comes with MagnaTite docking and provides a beautiful, modern look to your kitchen.

It uses a Diamond Seal Technology which includes a diamond coated valve to make the faucet long-lasting and with the MagnaTite docking, you can be sure that your pull down faucet would remain in place and won’t droop down after some uses.

It offers you multi-flow faucet which can be used to provide you both with a spray and a high-flow stream depending on your cleaning task. With its Touch-Clean spray holes, it is easy to clean the mineral build-ups and with its high-arc 360-degree spout, you can access a larger amount of space with ease and flexibility. Depending on the finish, it varies in its price but is still quite affordable (Price: $158 – $237) in comparison to other touchless faucets.

Moen 7594SRS

Another elegantly designed kitchen faucet, this model comes in four finishes: Matte Black, Chrome, Oil-rubbed Bronze and Spot Resist Stainless, all of which provide a beautiful modern look to your kitchen.

This faucet model is not as expensive as the other models and with its single handle pull down feature, it is easy and convenient to clean the dishes and the sink area. It provides you with an easy installation with its Duralock quick connect system which ensures that you are able to secure all the water lines with just one step.

With its Reflex System, you don’t have to worry about turning on/off your faucet anymore as your hand movement shall take care of that. The pull-down faucet goes back to its original position once its task is done due to its effective docking system and holds the faucet in place until the user pulls it down again. This model is excellent for larger sinks and provides you with an effective and reasonably priced (Price: $182 – $243) faucet for all your uses.

8 Mar

So you have decided to buy a Panini Press for yourself, but do you know that there are several brands and models out there with a range of features which can become a little overwhelming and confusing to choose from?

Don’t worry, we have made a list of the most important things that you need to look out for when trying to buy the best panini presses for yourself.

Type of Panini Press

The first thing you need to look out for is the type of Panini Press that you wish to buy.

There are three types of Panini press to choose from which includes the Basic Panini Press, Panini Press with Removable Plates and Hinged Countertop Grills.

The most basic version would provide you with a press which can perform simplistic tasks of pressing your sandwich and cooking it properly.

In a Panini press with removable plates, you would be able to grill your sandwiches with ease but this one leaves marks on your sandwiches.

The Hinged Countertop Grills is good for all those people who would like to use their sandwich press as a grill machine too. You can just open this press and grill your food items on both the sides with considerable ease.


Although looks isn’t an extremely important factor in most cases, when buying a Panini press, you should pay considerable attention to it too.

Your Panini press’ appearance will tell whether it is durable or not and if it is made of a good-quality material or poor-quality material.

As you already know that quality is important so make sure that you go for a press which seems durable and made of good quality.




Another important thing to consider is why you need a Panini press. If you are going to use it for a regular purpose, then you would need to select a Panini press which offers you the suitable functions whereas if it is going to be used occasionally, then you would need to consider a press for that purpose.


Another important factor to consider while buying a Panini press is to ensure that you choose a Panini press which is of good quality and isn’t made up of poor materials.

You might be tempted to buy an inexpensive or cheap press but don’t be fooled because such Panini press is made up of plastic and can get damaged soon creating a lot of expense for you in the long run.


Another thing to consider when buying a Panini press is countertop space you’ve got in the kitchen.

If you have a lot of space, then you don’t need to particularly worry about the size of your Panini press but if you are short on space, then it would be crucial for you to consider this factor and choose a Panini press which is small and compact and will easily fit in your kitchen.

Still can’t make a pick? Check out these top 10 presses

10 Sep

Love cookies? Then these healthy recipes are a must try.

Pumpkin Chocolate chip cookies

I am sure you’ve had plenty of the pie already so time to move on and put this awesome vegetable to tastier use and refresh your taste buds. With only about 100 calories and 2g fat this cookie will keep you hooked long enough. To begin with, preheat the oven to about 360F and cover the tray with baking sheet and parchment paper.

To prep the dough, mix the flour, water, arrowroot, sugar, pumpkin, coconut oil, and spices in a large bowl and continue to do so to avoid any clumps until its consistent yet slightly gooey. Throw in some chocolate chips, give it a good stir and have them shaped correctly on the baking sheet using your hands. Bake at 350F for 13-15 minutes and only get it out of the tray once it cools down for about 10-15 minutes. This will harden the exterior and leave the interior moist and gooey.

Breakfast cookies

With bananas and oats in the mix this recipe can hardly go any wrong with nutrition and taste. You can throw in some chocolate chips and cranberries but that’s optional. Leave the mixture of banana, oats, vanilla and cinnamon undisturbed for about 4-5 minutes and only then stir in the chocolate chips or cranberries. Once mixed well prepare balls and let it bake for around 15-20 minutes and let your day start with a boost of healthy yet yummy cookies. Each cookie contains 50 calories.

Peanut butter oat cookies

This cookie would be crispy from outside while the peanut butter keeps it soft and sticky in the middle. The presence of flax eggs makes this one of the healthiest cookie choices as it’s rich in omega 3. Note that one cookie contain about 80 calories. Using your hands give the dough a cookie type shape. Continue to bake it until the top turns golden brown in a pre heated oven of about 350F. Avoid over baking as the center tends to get hard. Get the full recipe below.


Sugar Cookie Energy Bites

Relax, these aren’t sugary balls of death you fear. To prep them all you require are few cashews, dates, vanilla extract, a hint of salt flakes and about 15 minutes of your time. Dump them all into the processor one by one starting with the nuts, followed by the dates and once it all gels well together, using your hands shape them into mini balls.  Top it off with some  sprinklers to give it catchy look. Each cookie contains around 25 calories only.

Chocolate chip cookies with a healthy twist

This is one recipe that any day takes me back to my childhood but thank god this here comes with a healthy twist which is due to the use of oats and flax eggs rich in omega 3.  Each cookie contains about 150 calories. The recipe is very similar to the regular cookies except here you’ll add in oats and flax egg rather than the regular ones and for sweetening use only organic sugar and no I haven’t forgotten the butter, we’re leaving it out.


2 Sep

Working in a kitchen be it home or commercial has its own share of risks that often arises from human carelessness so below we have covered a few ways to help you help you prevent any such mishap.

Keep it spic and span

The golden rule of kitchen safety is cleanliness. Always clean the counter to avoid unwanted clutter and remove the remains of the burners and ovens once it cools down.

Opt for Wooden, rubber, cork, or slates flooring as they are slip resistant but if not always cover the spills with a cloth. Slips cause the most kitchen related injuries.

Put the cookware to wash once your work is over to save time and maintain cleanliness. Keeping the kitchen clean will also make it look bigger. Here are few cleaning tips you’ll find handy.

Allocate special space for electric appliances

All kitchens have electric appliances such as the mixer, toaster, can opener etc. Allocate these appliances space away from any water related equipment or your sink as any water contact can lead to a shock. Also avoid children from using these equipments.

Sharpen the knives regularly

Believe it or not from my personal experience I can tell you blunt knives tend to cause more serious injuries then the sharp ones because they tend to slip when cutting. Keep any sharp kitchen object and out of children’s reach and always place the knives in the knife stand when not in use.


Put away utensils once used

Every kitchen has cupboards and drawers so use them to put away sharp utensils such as forks, knives etc. If using a stand make ensure they are placed upside down.

Never let the drawers or cupboards clutter up. Keeping it organised will not only provide more space but ensure you do not cut yourself with a blade or fork when reaching for a spoon.

Use Stovetops safely

Dress right in the kitchen. Avoid loose, baggy clothes, neckties, or keeping your hair open as any contact can lead to severe burns.

After slips, fires and burns are the second biggest cause of kitchen hazards and most are caused due to negligence when using stoves.

Keep a check on the items being cooked on the stove especially boiling water. Never leave stuff unattended. Stay patient and keep an eye out.

Always keep a Fire extinguisher

In case of a fire your first source of response is a fire extinguisher and thus it’s a necessity but do not wait for the moment a fire breaks out to learn about it.

Read the instructions and learn know how to use it well in advance and always keep it in a place away from stove or other hot appliances. Fire extinguishers are available in various sizes so pick one that best fits into your kitchen. Learn how to use an extinguisher below.


20 Aug


Some grilled chicken or fish with veggies might sound like the perfect dinner or lunch but what if you do not have a grill? Don’t race of in search of one just yet.

Here at Maeves Kitchen we love doing things the unconventional way and today we are going to tell you about 4 ways to grill without a grill without ringing the alarm bells of the nearby fire station.

Use the oven Broiler

Your boiler can be turned into a temporary grill by simply reversing it as long as you’re okay without the charred marks or the smoky aroma the coal tends to provide.

To avoid a mess and hours of scrubbing later remember to layer the broiler with some foil. The heat here comes from the top unlike a conventional grill so leave some gap in the oven door, make regular checks and flip the meat or veggies at regular intervals.

This process should work for almost every grill recipe especially the easy ones and cooking time can vary from 5-10 minutes.

Get a grill pan

Well if you’re hell bent on the grill marks the next best option is a cast iron grill pan. It comes with ridges that are meant to keep food off the fat and when hot can also add the grill marks you crave but before you get one ensure you have ample space in the kitchen as they tend to be bulky. Use it only for easy to make recipes. These pans will cost you about $25 to $40 depending on the brand and make.

Add smoky ingredients

Well since none of the above equipments add the smoky flavor a simple and lazy way to add the lovely aroma and grilled flavor is by incorporating smoky ingredients such as smoked salt, smoked paprika, smoked olive oil on the meat, fish or vegetables and to spice up the sauces and dips you can throw in some chipotle chilies and if all else fails the best alternative is the liquid smoke but avoid overusing it to keep the food from tasting like a pile of ash.

Get a smoking Gun

While this again isn’t the conventional grill if getting flavor is the goal the smoking gun is the perfect equipment and is widely used by even the top chefs to smoke almost any ingredient or recipe etc. You can smoke up your salads, fruits or even chocolate.

It will cost you about $100 and while there are loads of tricks and tips on how to make a smoke gun at home for free I wouldn’t recommend it and by no means will it work on a whole chicken or steak. Learn more about smoking guns in the video below.


12 Aug

Cooking is all about technique and practice but having the right equipments can make your task a whole lot easier and the most expensive and high tech ones may not always be the best choice. So if you’re looking to take your cooking to the next level, here are few equipments every newbie or pro chef must have at all times.


Every chef needs 2 knives. For all the chopping and slicing of vegetables and fruits and huge chunks of fish, meat etc. you’ll need a heavy duty knife which is commonly know as the chef’s knife. Ensure this knife is the right size for your hands.

Next comes the knife you’ll need for smaller tasks like de-boning chicken pieces or de-seeding the fruits or vegetables etc. With knives keeping them sharp is important as blunt knife tends to slip often and can lead to more serious cuts. Proper maintenance and timely sharpening will ensure your knives last you longer. Here’s an easy to to sharpen your knives.



A variety of spoons are available in the market but I prefer wooden spoons since they can perform a number of tasks really well and do not scratch the non-stick surfaces unlike their metal counterparts. For all straining and scooping tasks I would recommend you get slotted spoons. For easy maintenance and durability always get stainless steel spoons.


For all minor mixing purposes a whisk is a great tool and while you will come across loads of different designs you’ll not need more than 1-2 in your kitchen. Make sure one of those is a plastic one. This will help blending sauces etc. while still on the heat. If you’ve got money and you’re not looking to build some biceps then save yourself the hassle and just get some KitchenAid stand mixers.

Cutting Boards

With a new knife set you’ll also need a chopping board. You can opt for a wooden or plastic make but since I always recommend having 2-3 boards you can opt for one of each and since they are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors my advice would be to have a different one for your meat and fish products and a separate one for the veggies and fruits. They provide a strong base and better stability thus making chopping easier and faster.

Vegetable Peeler

Peeling vegetables or fruits with knives can be a really tedious task and often takes up too much time and effort plus you’ll need to be pro at using knives to get it done correctly but thank god for peelers this task just got a whole lot faster and simpler and neither does this equipment take up much space in the kitchen.




Spatula is really handy tool. It can ease up tasks like spreading, scraping and at times act like a spoon too and does not scratch the non-stick surfaces either. When buying a spatula always look for one that’s heat resistant otherwise they tend to get stuck to the pan and this is why I always recommend my readers to get a Silicone spatula.

4 Aug

Shopping for grocery is the most expensive part of cooking but guess what, it’s only so even after all the cheap deals, coupons and offers available because we’re not being smart enough. So next time you’re out at the supermarket follow these tips to get your groceries on the cheap.

Stick to homemade food

It think we all can agree homemade food is not only cheaper but also a healthier choice and no i’m not suggesting you stop the burgers and pizzas but rather than blowing out your budget at fancy restaurants get the ingredients and make your own stuff.

Save more to buy more

Until and unless you’re buying toiletry items or other products such as tissues etc. buying stuff in bulk is useless and more so when it comes to food since most items won’t last you more than 4-5 days even if refrigerated.

Yes raw items like cereals, pasta, oil, and rice are best when purchased in bulk but only if you find a suitable offer or otherwise prove to be expensive.

Use the coupons correctly

Vouchers are usually gifted with every purchase and are also often available in newspapers and magazines and if used correctly can save you tons of cash.

By using correctly I mean only making a purchase for stuff that’s actually needed. Purchasing items for the sake of the coupon or offer only adds to the cost.

Reduce trips  made to the supermarket

If you have a supermarket next door then move on but if you haven’t then your daily trips to the marketplace is only raising the fuel and car’s maintenance cost. Maintain a list of things you’re running out of to ensure you’re not forgetting the crate of egg or carton of milk.

Purchase frozen veggies more often

Buying fresh stock of veggies is great but people living alone often have a low consumption due to which a lot of it rots leading to excessive wastage. In such as case I recommend people to purchase more frozen stuff. This way food stays fresh longer and readily available.


Make purchase at random stores

Irrespective of what the big stores claim they aren’t the only ones providing all the discount. So on your next shopping trip check out 2-3 places, compare the prices and purchase items accordingly.

If the stores are far, a visit once a week to a different store will give you a good idea about the upcoming discounts and offers for future purchases.

Purchase online

One of the best and most inexpensive ways to shop whether it’s for shoes, clothes or groceries, it’s online.

Not only will you be saving on your fuel and time, services like free home delivery etc. means your products get delivered right at the door step at no extra cost which also prevents excessive purchases.

Apart from that most online companies regularly come up with cashback and discount schemes you’ll benefit from greatly.