12 Aug

Cooking is all about technique and practice but having the right equipments can make your task a whole lot easier and the most expensive and high tech ones may not always be the best choice. So if you’re looking to take your cooking to the next level, here are few equipments every newbie or pro chef must have at all times.


Every chef needs 2 knives. For all the chopping and slicing of vegetables and fruits and huge chunks of fish, meat etc. you’ll need a heavy duty knife which is commonly know as the chef’s knife. Ensure this knife is the right size for your hands.

Next comes the knife you’ll need for smaller tasks like de-boning chicken pieces or de-seeding the fruits or vegetables etc. With knives keeping them sharp is important as blunt knife tends to slip often and can lead to more serious cuts. Proper maintenance and timely sharpening will ensure your knives last you longer. Here’s an easy to to sharpen your knives.



A variety of spoons are available in the market but I prefer wooden spoons since they can perform a number of tasks really well and do not scratch the non-stick surfaces unlike their metal counterparts. For all straining and scooping tasks I would recommend you get slotted spoons. For easy maintenance and durability always get stainless steel spoons.


For all minor mixing purposes a whisk is a great tool and while you will come across loads of different designs you’ll not need more than 1-2 in your kitchen. Make sure one of those is a plastic one. This will help blending sauces etc. while still on the heat. If you’ve got money and you’re not looking to build some biceps then save yourself the hassle and just get some KitchenAid stand mixers.

Cutting Boards

With a new knife set you’ll also need a chopping board. You can opt for a wooden or plastic make but since I always recommend having 2-3 boards you can opt for one of each and since they are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors my advice would be to have a different one for your meat and fish products and a separate one for the veggies and fruits. They provide a strong base and better stability thus making chopping easier and faster.

Vegetable Peeler

Peeling vegetables or fruits with knives can be a really tedious task and often takes up too much time and effort plus you’ll need to be pro at using knives to get it done correctly but thank god for peelers this task just got a whole lot faster and simpler and neither does this equipment take up much space in the kitchen.




Spatula is really handy tool. It can ease up tasks like spreading, scraping and at times act like a spoon too and does not scratch the non-stick surfaces either. When buying a spatula always look for one that’s heat resistant otherwise they tend to get stuck to the pan and this is why I always recommend my readers to get a Silicone spatula.

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