20 Aug

Some grilled chicken or fish with veggies might sound like the perfect dinner or lunch but what if you do not have a grill? Don’t race off in search of one just yet.

Here at Maeve’s Kitchen we love doing things the unconventional way and today we are going to tell you about 4 ways to grill without a grill without ringing the alarm bells of the nearby fire station.

1. Use the oven Broiler

Your boiler can be turned into a temporary grill by simply reversing it as long as you’re okay without the charred marks or the smoky aroma the coal tends to provide.

To avoid a mess and hours of scrubbing later remember to layer the broiler with some foil. The heat here comes from the top unlike a conventional grill so leave some gap in the oven door, make regular checks and flip the meat or veggies at regular intervals.

This process should work for almost every grill recipe especially the easy ones and cooking time can vary from 5-10 minutes.

2. Get a grill pan

Well if you’re hell-bent on the grill marks the next best option is a cast iron grill pan. It comes with ridges that are meant to keep food off the fat and when hot can also add the grill marks you crave but before you get one ensure you have ample space in the kitchen as they tend to be bulky. Use it only for easy to make recipes. These pans will cost you about $25 to $40 depending on the brand and make.

3. Add smoky ingredients

Well since none of the above equipments add the smoky flavor a simple and lazy way to add the lovely aroma and grilled flavor is by incorporating smoky ingredients such as smoked salt, smoked paprika, smoked olive oil on the meat, fish or vegetables and to spice up the sauces and dips you can throw in some chipotle chilies and if all else fails the best alternative is the liquid smoke but avoid overusing it to keep the food from tasting like a pile of ash.

4. Get a Smoking Gun

While this again isn’t the conventional grill if getting flavor is the goal the smoking gun is the perfect equipment and is widely used by even the top chefs to smoke almost any ingredient or recipe etc. You can smoke up your salads, fruits or even chocolate.


It will cost you about $100 and while there are loads of tricks and tips on how to make a smoke gun at home for free I wouldn’t recommend it and by no means will it work on a whole chicken or steak. Learn more about smoking guns in the video below.

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