10 Sep

Love cookies? Then these healthy recipes are a must try.

Pumpkin Chocolate chip cookies

I am sure you’ve had plenty of the pie already so time to move on and put this awesome vegetable to tastier use and refresh your taste buds. With only about 100 calories and 2g fat this cookie will keep you hooked long enough. To begin with, preheat the oven to about 360F and cover the tray with baking sheet and parchment paper.

To prep the dough, mix the flour, water, arrowroot, sugar, pumpkin, coconut oil, and spices in a large bowl and continue to do so to avoid any clumps until its consistent yet slightly gooey. Throw in some chocolate chips, give it a good stir and have them shaped correctly on the baking sheet using your hands. Bake at 350F for 13-15 minutes and only get it out of the tray once it cools down for about 10-15 minutes. This will harden the exterior and leave the interior moist and gooey.

Breakfast cookies

With bananas and oats in the mix this recipe can hardly go any wrong with nutrition and taste. You can throw in some chocolate chips and cranberries but that’s optional. Leave the mixture of banana, oats, vanilla and cinnamon undisturbed for about 4-5 minutes and only then stir in the chocolate chips or cranberries. Once mixed well prepare balls and let it bake for around 15-20 minutes and let your day start with a boost of healthy yet yummy cookies. Each cookie contains 50 calories.

Peanut butter oat cookies

This cookie would be crispy from outside while the peanut butter keeps it soft and sticky in the middle. The presence of flax eggs makes this one of the healthiest cookie choices as it’s rich in omega 3. Note that one cookie contain about 80 calories. Using your hands give the dough a cookie type shape. Continue to bake it until the top turns golden brown in a pre heated oven of about 350F. Avoid over baking as the center tends to get hard. Get the full recipe below.


Sugar Cookie Energy Bites

Relax, these aren’t sugary balls of death you fear. To prep them all you require are few cashews, dates, vanilla extract, a hint of salt flakes and about 15 minutes of your time. Dump them all into the processor one by one starting with the nuts, followed by the dates and once it all gels well together, using your hands shape them into mini balls.  Top it off with some  sprinklers to give it catchy look. Each cookie contains around 25 calories only.

Chocolate chip cookies with a healthy twist

This is one recipe that any day takes me back to my childhood but thank god this here comes with a healthy twist which is due to the use of oats and flax eggs rich in omega 3.  Each cookie contains about 150 calories. The recipe is very similar to the regular cookies except here you’ll add in oats and flax egg rather than the regular ones and for sweetening use only organic sugar and no I haven’t forgotten the butter, we’re leaving it out.


2 Sep

Working in a kitchen be it home or commercial has its own share of risks that often arises from human carelessness so below we have covered a few ways to help you help you prevent any such mishap.

Keep it spic and span

The golden rule of kitchen safety is cleanliness. Always clean the counter to avoid unwanted clutter and remove the remains of the burners and ovens once it cools down.

Opt for Wooden, rubber, cork, or slates flooring as they are slip resistant but if not always cover the spills with a cloth. Slips cause the most kitchen related injuries.

Put the cookware to wash once your work is over to save time and maintain cleanliness. Keeping the kitchen clean will also make it look bigger. Here are few cleaning tips you’ll find handy.

Allocate special space for electric appliances

All kitchens have electric appliances such as the mixer, toaster, can opener etc. Allocate these appliances space away from any water related equipment or your sink as any water contact can lead to a shock. Also avoid children from using these equipments.

Sharpen the knives regularly

Believe it or not from my personal experience I can tell you blunt knives tend to cause more serious injuries then the sharp ones because they tend to slip when cutting. Keep any sharp kitchen object and out of children’s reach and always place the knives in the knife stand when not in use.


Put away utensils once used

Every kitchen has cupboards and drawers so use them to put away sharp utensils such as forks, knives etc. If using a stand make ensure they are placed upside down.

Never let the drawers or cupboards clutter up. Keeping it organised will not only provide more space but ensure you do not cut yourself with a blade or fork when reaching for a spoon.

Use Stovetops safely

Dress right in the kitchen. Avoid loose, baggy clothes, neckties, or keeping your hair open as any contact can lead to severe burns.

After slips, fires and burns are the second biggest cause of kitchen hazards and most are caused due to negligence when using stoves.

Keep a check on the items being cooked on the stove especially boiling water. Never leave stuff unattended. Stay patient and keep an eye out.

Always keep a Fire extinguisher

In case of a fire your first source of response is a fire extinguisher and thus it’s a necessity but do not wait for the moment a fire breaks out to learn about it.

Read the instructions and learn know how to use it well in advance and always keep it in a place away from stove or other hot appliances. Fire extinguishers are available in various sizes so pick one that best fits into your kitchen. Learn how to use an extinguisher below.