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Get your brand in front of the readers of MaevesKitchen, we accept sponsorship from food and kitchen blogs. If you are looking to advertise on our site, you have the three options to promote your brand. We have specified the 3 ways in which you can choose to advertise as per your requirement.

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If you want to advertise in the form of Banner, we charge minimum $5 CPM depending on the size of the banner, if you want a bigger banner we have an option for that also.

Native Content

If you want to advertise in the form of a sponsored post, we accept your draft as well we can make our writers work for you to write a sponsored article based on your requirement.

Branded Article Series

If you want to hop on the partnership opportunities we have the option for that also, you can sponsor a series of the post so that those post can be submitted in the newsletter also.

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