20 Dec

Kitchen and bathroom faucets can get complicated when they face any challenges. They can have odd noises and can encounter spraying problems. Leaky faucets can be handled, but the faucets that have consistency problems can get cranky. Below we have compiled a list to fix your faucets in case of urgencies.

  • Fix or Ditch

You need to pay a close attention to the lifespan if the faucet. A well designed and a high-quality faucet can easily last for a decade, but when there are new designs in the market and you want to remodel your kitchen or bathroom or restaurant, replacing it might be the suitable option. Look out for worn out parts, discoloring and threads if worn out and make a decision to get it replaced.

  • Sound Plumbing

If there are any clanking or clicking sounds then you need to check the faucet by taking it apart, because this might happen because of any cracks in any of the pieces of a faucet. Tighten the cracked part well to stop the mechanical sound.

Sound Plumbing

  • Fix a Leaky Faucet

At times a leaky faucet is not because of worn out problems. Sometimes a product might not be of good quality and this can be easily checked by reading the online reviews from Amazon. Apart from this, you can check the model and types of faucets on the website to understand if it can be easily fixed or it is a chronic problem. Spare parts will always be less expensive as compared to rather than replacing the entire faucet.

  • Free Flow

The most likely part of a faucet that might get disrupted is its mouth cover. An easy fix to this will be is to flush any mineral deposits after screwing it off from the faucet, until it gets all cleared. If this is not helping, then it is better to get it replaced with a cheaper replacement available in the market.

Free Flow

  • Squeaky Handle

Another part that gets mostly corrupted is the faucets’ threads. It gets worn out and becomes difficult to get the full benefits of the faucet. An easy fix for this is to remove the faucet handle and use the plumber’s grease over it as a coating to reassemble it.

  • Too Hot to Handle

Many heaters have a customized setting for heat, which makes the appliance energy efficiency. To check whether the settings are working fine, measure the temperature before anyone has used the water. If the temperature is way more than it usually is, then there is some problem. But we have an easy fix for it.

The panels’ adjustment can help you with this. These panels could be found outside the tank at the bottom, under which a thermostat could be found. Change the settings to an energy efficient one and test for the water temperature after 24 hours until you are able to reach the right amount of temperature.

Too Hot to Handle

  • Filler-Up Tub

To fix the drain unscrew the round overflow plate from the end of the tub. Lengthen the entire linkage assembly by rotating it twice or thrice and replace the linkage. Screw the overflow plate on the water. Turn on the water to check if the overflow has stopped and if the water now remains in the tub. If the overflow does not stop, unscrew the plate again to lengthen the assembly a bit more and test it again.

19 Dec

Kitchen faucets come in a variety of sizes and styles. A faucet is that one equipment which we take for granted until it stops working. However, having a great kitchen sink is integral to the kitchen, and right now, there are a variety of kitchen faucets that you can choose from. From single handle, to pull down kitchen faucets for improved water flow can do wonders for you. Below you will find 7 types of kitchen faucets that are essential these days.

  • Single-Hole Faucets

Single hole faucets are the most common type of faucet. As the name suggests, it has only one hole and has a simple design when compared to other types of faucets. If it is top mounted then it is best with controlling pressure, on the other hand, a curved faucet will help from splashing of water heavily around the sink. Even though their features are limited because of its design but it IS a great appliance for easy to tap use and required only one hole for installation.

  • Centerset

Want to use both hot and cold water separately? Then this faucet will work best for you. Yes, it has two handles and allows you to sprinkle both hot and cold water. So yes, it will require multiple holes for its installation. But on the other hand, it is well preferred by families since they do not have to worry about the temperature control.

Centerset Kitchen Faucet

  • Pull-Out

Pull-out faucets are flexible to use and can be detached, which allows you to pull the faucet closer to you due to its snake-like feature. They are versatile and great when you have dishes to wash as it allows you to put pressure on the utensils. They also help you clean the hard to reach parts while doing dishes and are available in multiple styles.

  • Pull-Down

Pull down faucets are similar to pull-out, but comes in a variety of designs. They are downwardly pointed and can be used as an extension of the faucet.

Yes, it has limited flexibility when compared to pull-out, however, it lets you avoid water splashing while cleaning the dishes, which will help you to ensure tidiness in the kitchen.

Pull-Down kitchen faucet

  • Side Sprayers

Detachable sprays are always a concern when it comes to hygiene. And thus, an alternative to this would be a side sprayer, which will allow detaching the spray head along with controlling the power. Its features can include everything from adjustable aerator sprays to 360° swivel technology, which will give you the flexibility of choice when you have to buy a sprayer.

It can be extended to large distances and is cleaner. But on the flip side to it, it requires too many holes for installation.

  • Basin Taps

Basin taps, instead of offering the flexibility of offering hot and cold water separately, has a central spout that lets you control the temperature by letting you mix the water. They are available in chrome and stainless steel design.

Basin Taps

  • Pot Fillers

These are specially designed for deep basins and has long thin spouts that are mostly used for commercial purposes or in the restaurants. They come in a variety of sizes and thickness and is perfect for high-pressure tasks. But they are not just perfect for commercial use but also for home use when you have a busy kitchen. They have a deck or wall mounted installation.

3 Jul

1. Have a Go-To Product

More of an eating than a cooking tip, but pick out one or two products that you like and always have them on hand. Crackers, cereal, granola bars are all great snack options you should have around.

2. You Don’t have to Spend a Fortune

After reading 100s of recipes, you might feel that you have to have a pantry filled with a dozen different kinds of flour in order to make anything work. Some complex recipes can use 4 or 5 for just one dish! It’s really not that necessary and you can usually get away with a supply of just 2 or 3. Stick with rice flour if you’re a new gluten-free cook.

Gluten Free Muffins

3. Watch the Pasta

Rice pasta is a frequent staple in a gluten-free home, but take care when you cook it. It tends to release more starch into the water than wheat pasta, which can make it a sticky mess. Use plenty of water and keep an eye on your stirring. A vigorous rinse is a must.

4. Freeze for Freshness

One of the tricky parts about gluten-free baked goods is that they tend to be drier, and will go stale faster than their conventional counterparts. Keeping bread, cookies, muffins or cakes in the freezer can help your treats last longer.

5. Variety is the Spice of Life

You might feel that you have to deny yourself a lot of food when you are avoiding gluten, so plan on adding more new foods so you don’t feel cheated. Enjoy some sushi, new exotic fruits, or a spicy curry dish to jazz things up for yourself. You won’t even notice that you’re missing anything.

6. Careful with Oats

Many people say that oats are gluten-free but some will say that bulk oats are often contaminated with gluten due to factory processing and packaging. If you are going to do some substituting with oats, do it very slowly at first to make sure you don’t have any reactions.

6 Apr

Touchless Kitchen Faucets are one of the most recent inventions which provide you with faucets which are extremely easy to use and maintain.

Their no-hands technology allows you to get your work done without wasting time on stuff like pushing or pulling the handle. There are several models available in different shapes and designs and it can become a little difficult to choose one for your home.

So to help you out, we’ve covered some of the top rated kitchen faucets. These touchless faucets are by far the best rated and most bought on Amazon.

Moen 7594ESRS

Popular Choice

This high-arc, motion sensing Kitchen Faucet is a perfect choice for most kitchen styles as its sleek design matches with most kitchen decorations making it a versatile choice.

It features Reflex System which makes it easy to maneuver the 68-inch long hose and its docking system automatically pulls back the hose when it is no longer required. With its Duralock Quick-Connect installation, it is easy and quick to install this faucet and secure all the water lines.

Since this faucet is hands-free, it is easier to control the flow of water and there are fewer chances of your faucet getting dirty. That’s not all, with its Power Clean technology you can use more water pressure to clean the dishes and sink area efficiently and can remove the most stubborn dirt with considerable ease.

Although it is a little expensive (Price: $331 – $374) due to the motion sensor technology, it is a total value for worth product and has been a favorite of most customers so far.

Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST

Best Seller

This best-selling touchless kitchen faucet comes in four finishes i.e., Chrome, Arctic Stainless, Venetian Bronze and Stainless, which protects it from rust and corrosion and ensures a long-lasting life kitchen faucet for your home. This single-handle pull-down faucet comes with MagnaTite docking and provides a beautiful, modern look to your kitchen.

It uses a Diamond Seal Technology which includes a diamond coated valve to make the faucet long-lasting and with the MagnaTite docking, you can be sure that your pull-down faucet would remain in place and won’t drop down after some uses.

It offers you multi-flow faucet which can be used to provide you both with a spray and a high-flow stream depending on your cleaning task. With its Touch-Clean spray holes, it is easy to clean the mineral build-ups and with its high-arc 360-degree spout, you can access a larger amount of space with ease and flexibility. Depending on the finish, it varies in its price but is still quite affordable (Price: $158 – $237) in comparison to other touchless faucets.

Moen 7594SRS

Another elegantly designed kitchen faucet, this model comes in four finishes: Matte Black, Chrome, Oil-rubbed Bronze and Spot Resist Stainless, all of which provide a beautiful modern look to your kitchen.

This faucet model is not as expensive as the other models and with its single handle pull down feature, it is easy and convenient to clean the dishes and the sink area. It provides you with an easy installation with its Duralock quick connect system which ensures that you are able to secure all the water lines with just one step.

With its Reflex System, you don’t have to worry about turning on/off your faucet anymore as your hand movement shall take care of that. The pull-down faucet goes back to its original position once its task is done due to its effective docking system and holds the faucet in place until the user pulls it down again. This model is excellent for larger sinks and provides you with an effective and reasonably priced (Price: $182 – $243) faucet for all your uses.

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2 Sep

Working in a kitchen be it home or commercial has its own share of risks that often arises from human carelessness so below we have covered a few ways to help you help you prevent any such mishap.

1. Keep it spic and span

The golden rule of kitchen safety is cleanliness. Always clean the counter to avoid unwanted clutter and remove the remains of the burners and ovens once it cools down.

Opt for Wooden, rubber, cork, or slates flooring as they are slip resistant but if not always cover the spills with a cloth. Slips cause the most kitchen-related injuries.

Put the cookware to wash once your work is over to save time and maintain cleanliness. Keeping the kitchen clean will also make it look bigger. Here are few cleaning tips you’ll find handy.

2. Allocate special space for electric appliances

All kitchens have electric appliances such as the mixer, toaster, can opener etc. Allocate these appliances space away from any water-related equipment or your sink as any water contact can lead to a shock. Also, avoid children from using this equipment.

3. Sharpen the knives regularly

Believe it or not from my personal experience I can tell you blunt knives tend to cause more serious injuries than the sharp ones because they tend to slip when cutting. Keep any sharp kitchen object and out of children’s reach and always place the knives in the knife stand when not in use.


4. Put away utensils once used

Every kitchen has cupboards and drawers so use them to put away sharp utensils such as forks, knives etc. If using a stand make ensure they are placed upside down.

Never let the drawers or cupboards clutter up. Keeping it organized will not only provide more space but ensure you do not cut yourself with a blade or fork when reaching for a spoon.

5. Use Stovetops safely

Dress right in the kitchen. Avoid loose, baggy clothes, neckties, or keeping your hair open as any contact can lead to severe burns.

After slips, fires and burns are the second biggest cause of kitchen hazards and most are caused due to negligence when using stoves.

Keep a check on the items being cooked on the stove especially boiling water. Never leave stuff unattended. Stay patient and keep an eye out.

6. Always keep a Fire extinguisher

In case of a fire your first source of response is a fire extinguisher and thus it’s a necessity but does not wait for the moment a fire breaks out to learn about it.


Read the instructions and learn to know how to use it well in advance and always keep it in a place away from the stove or other hot appliances. Fire extinguishers are available in various sizes so pick one that best fits into your kitchen. Learn how to use an extinguisher above. If you have any doubt regarding the same feel free to contact us here.