4 Aug

Shopping for grocery is the most expensive part of cooking but guess what, it’s only so even after all the cheap deals, coupons and offers available because we’re not being smart enough. So next time you’re out at the supermarket to follow these tips to get your groceries on the cheap.

Stick to homemade food

It thinks we all can agree the homemade food is not only cheaper but also a healthier choice and no I’m not suggesting you stop the burgers and pizzas but rather than blowing out your budget at fancy restaurants get the ingredients and make your own stuff.

Save more to buy more

Until and unless you’re buying toiletry items or other products such as tissues etc. buying stuff in bulk is useless and more so when it comes to food since most items won’t last you more than 4-5 days even if refrigerated.

Yes, raw items like cereals, pasta, oil, and rice are best when purchased in bulk but only if you find a suitable offer or otherwise prove to be expensive.

Use the coupons correctly

Vouchers are usually gifted with every purchase and are also often available in newspapers and magazines and if used correctly can save you tons of cash.

By using correctly I mean only making a purchase for stuff that’s actually needed. Purchasing items for the sake of the coupon or offer only add to the cost.

Reduce trips  made to the supermarket

If you have a supermarket next door then move on but if you haven’t then your daily trips to the marketplace is only raising the fuel and car’s maintenance cost. Maintain a list of things you’re running out of to ensure you’re not forgetting the crate of egg or carton of milk.

Purchase frozen veggies more often

Buying fresh stock of veggies is great but people living alone often have a low consumption due to which a lot of it rots leading to excessive wastage. In such as the case I recommend people to purchase more frozen stuff. This way food stays fresh longer and readily available.


Make purchase at random stores

Irrespective of what the big stores claim they aren’t the only ones providing all the discount. So on your next shopping trip check out 2-3 places, compare the prices and purchase items accordingly.

If the stores are far, a visit once a week to a different store will give you a good idea about the upcoming discounts and offers for future purchases.

Purchase online

One of the best and most inexpensive ways to shop whether it’s for shoes, clothes or groceries, it’s online.

Not only will you be saving on your fuel and time, services like free home delivery etc. means your products get delivered right at the doorstep at no extra cost which also prevents excessive purchases.

Apart from that most online companies regularly come up with cash back and discount schemes you’ll benefit from greatly.

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